The Characteristics of a Holy Wife

So much has happened since I have been on here last. I got an opportunity to visit Straitway and what an experience that was. Those are some beautiful ladies. The land was beautiful. We went during the dead season, so it was very cold, but still a wonderful thing. There is so much peace and tranquility with living the set apart lifestyle that they live. The food was unlike any other and those ladies worked hard to prepare it. I got an opportunity to spend some time with them as they prepared meals. I had my children with me, so I didn’t get a chance to get my hands into the work and get the experience that I would have liked to, but being a mother is a great job within itself. Watching the way these ladies operate is a work of art. They work together to get things done in the most efficient matter, but do a great bit of ministry to the saints all around the world at the same time. They rotate answering the phones and bestow their knowledge on the many women that call and ask many different questions. I have watched these women answer questions while cooking and tending to their own children. All with a smile on their face and a joy in their heart. I loved their testimonies, and they have some great ones, and that they just bestowed so much love on me. They welcomed me into their kitchen and homes like I have known them forever. One sister in particular read me like a book. She read some of my shortcomings without me saying a word. Their level of discernment was impeccable and I truly appreciate women like that.

I really loved seeing them interact with their husbands and how they honored and reverenced them. They referred to them by calling them “sir” and that didn’t take a thing away from them but really added to the beauty of their spirit. There is something about a meek and quiet spirit that is focused on loving the Most High instead of worrying about one’s own feelings that is edifying. With women being such emotional beings, we have been programmed by the world to worry more about how we feel in a situation, than how the Most High wants us to be, but I will return to that thought. I was given great advice from these ladies on marriage, how to carry myself, how to take care of my health, deal with family and friends that are not in this walk, and how to deal with true word of Yah that may be hard to swallow. I even got an opportunity to sit down with Mother Carroll Dowell. What an honor. In the Christian church, I would have had to pay for that opportunity but here, it didn’t cost me a dime. She gave me great advice and was so genuine and loving. I hated to leave this place after my week with them. They are a wonderful group of people and the power and anointing on this land is real.

As I left, I really began to study the characteristics of a Holy Wife. The world teaches women how to be good heathen wives to their husbands. We learn that everything is about compromise, our feelings should be justified too, and the old ways of taking care of the home are ancient practices to the career woman of today. Even in the Christian church, women will work all day and spend all evening doing the “work of the Lord” going to church events or creating ministries to head while neglecting their first ministry, their husband and children. Understanding that the priority of my home should be Husband first, then children, then spending time with the Most High was new for me, so getting to know Ephesians 5:22-24 and watching it work with these women at Straitway was the beginning step for me. If I submit to my husband as to Christ in everything, all other things fall into line. See, I was saying how much I loved the Most High with my lips, but resisting being a servant in everything to my husband.

The Christian church gave me no examples of this and, believe me, I was searching. My “1st Lady” that I sat under for 10+ years, was far from anything I wanted to emulate. She was married for over 20 years to the pastor, but did things her way. Her speech and “5th/Women’s Sunday Messages” told the women to “Love their own Husbands” and submit to and support them, but her actions were far from that. I always wanted to build my house, but didn’t understand how and didn’t see it in these churches filled with Jezebeel women and Ahab men. I knew I had a strong man and I wanted to support and build him up so I learned how to do that from the scriptures. The most important practice that I learned was to refer to Christ in everything. When I would feel some resistance in my spirit on something my husband wanted or needed from me I would ask myself, how would I react to Jesus? So I had no problems calling my husband sir because I would give that reverence to Jesus, I had no problem serving my husband’s needs and learning how to better serve his needs because of my desire to be a better servant to the Most High. I even learned that being obedient to my husband is better than sacrificing my time and effort doing the “work of the ministry” because my obedience to him is in turn my obedience to the Most High and His word states how important that is to Him in 1 Samuel 15. As I study the word of Yah and listen to the teachings of my Husband and Pastor Dowell, I grow stronger in my relationship with the Most High, gain peace in my heart and rejoice in his freedom. Was some of this a struggle for me, for sure! But that struggle taught me what I needed deliverance from and that deliverance gave me even more freedom. I have never felt such liberty than since I started following the law of the Yah. I see why sitting through one service and a 45 minute message was so hard in the Christian church, but 3 hours with a Pastor Dowell message will have me going back to listen to it again as I glean as much from it as I can to apply it to my life. This entry is long enough. I will pause here, but there will be a continuation with An Example to Follow…

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